Why did the Sacramento Kings change their logo?

Why did the Sacramento Kings change their logo? A new crown logo reflects the rich tradition of the team dating back to its origins, reminding the fanbase and the community of Sacramento that, “we are all Kings.” The heralding lion crest represents leadership and strength and will be used as the Kings work to make basketball the premier global sport of the 21st

Did the Sacramento Kings change their colors? Sacramento Kings Updated Nike City Edition Uniform Introduces Red As New Primary Color. Today, the Sacramento Kings unveiled the new Nike City Edition uniforms for the 2019-20 season with a refreshed look. Blending old branding and new branding, the new City Edition uniforms feature red, baby blue, white and gray.

What happened to Sacramento Kings? The franchise again failed to find success in its market and moved after the 1984–85 season to Sacramento, where they presently reside. Since 2006, the Kings have had sixteen consecutive losing seasons, the most in NBA history.

What colors do the Sacramento Kings wear? In today’s NBA, it seems as though every team has a uniform in every color. This is most evident by the Sacramento Kings’ insistence on wearing red as their primary color on 14 different occasions this season.

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When did LA Kings change jerseys?

2011-Present: Kings Eliminate Color From Primary Jerseys

The Kings kept the purple accent in the alternate jersey until 2013, but eliminated all other colors from their home and away uniforms. These new jerseys matched the previous black alternate introduced in 2008.

What color is Sacramento Kings purple?

The biggest rivals of the Sacramento Kings are the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Sacramento Kings Pantone Color Codes.

Pantone Color Names for Sacramento Kings Pantone Color Code for Sacramento Kings
Kings Purple PMS 268
Silver PMS 431

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