Who wrote God’s menu?

Who wrote God’s menu? 

Track listing
No. Title Lyrics
1. “Go Live” (GO生) Bang Chan (3Racha) Changbin (3Racha) Han (3Racha)
2. “God’s Menu” (神메뉴) Bang Chan Changbin Han
3. “Easy” Bang Chan Changbin Han
4. “Pacemaker” Bang Chan Changbin Han Jinri (Full8loom)

Who is the leader in stray kids? 

Stray Kids/Members

When was God’s menu release? 

God’s Menu / Released

What is Studio Choom? About this entry. Make ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ the ‘Global Hub’ to introduce K-POP worldwide, enhancing the brand power. Positioning ‘BE ORIGINAL’ as one of the contents that every Artists want to perform at. Perfectly bring the performance aspect of K-pop on digital screen, focusing solely on dancing.

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Who was the first group on studio Choom?

Stray Kids awarded first-ever Studio CHOOM trophy for 50M views on ‘God’s Menu’ On January 25, MPD network celebrated Stray Kids becoming the first-ever artist to reach a whopping 50 million views on their performance video on Studio CHOOM.

Who runs Studio Choom?

CP Lee Han Hyun and PD Lee Joo Ri, the duo behind CJ ENM’s main K-pop dance YouTube channel ‘STUDIO CHOOM,’ expressed their wishes to act as the “hub” for K-pop’s globalization.” ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ surpassed 1.2 million subscribers in just two years since the channel’s launch.

What is the most viewed Studio Choom?

1) ITZY’s Yeji – River

The red-haired ITZY leader wins the race for the most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month artist with her spell-binding cover of Bishop Briggs’ River. The video has garnered 40 million views so far, with thousands of fans going gaga over the performance in the comment section.

How does Studio Choom choose Artist of the Month?

When Studio Choom chooses a member from a K-pop group as their Artist of the Month (AOTM), fans celebrate the honor before the video is even released. Through Artist of the Month, the chosen idol has the chance to express themselves however they please by selecting the song, vibe, and choreography.

Who is artist of the month studio Choom August?

allkpop on Twitter: “ITZY’s Chaeryeong is STUDIO CHOOM’s Artist of the Month for August https://t.co/CBo5JcSUb5″ / Twitter.

Who is ITZY’s leader?

Nicknamed “JYP’s Secret Weapon,” Yeji is the leader of the K-pop girl band ITZY.

How do they pick Artist of the Month?

Artist Of The Month is sort of like Employee Of The Month — but cooler. The idol who gets chosen can showcase their dance skills by choosing a concept choreography and more, along with being the pinned video of the YouTube channel for the remaining month.

Is Chaeryeong Artist of the Month?

ITZY’s Chaeryeong was selected as ‘Artist Of The Month’ for August for M2’s ‘STUDIO CHOOM’. Mnet digital studio M2 released a spotlight video of Chaeryeong ITZY’s ‘Artist of August’ of ‘Artist Of The Month’ on the digital channel of ‘Studio Dance’ on August 9.

When did studio Choom Start Artist of the Month?

‘Artist Of The Month’ series has now featured 10 renowned dancers of the K-Pop scene and garnered more than 100M views, rapidly growing popularity among global fans since the launch in September 2020.

What is a K-pop AOTM?

Artist of the Month. Artist, Music, Art.

Who is artist of the month August?

August Artist of the Month – Margery Violetta – Virginia Eye Institute.

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