What was the meaning of regard?

What was the meaning of regard? transitive verb. 1 : to consider and appraise usually from a particular point of view is highly regarded as a mechanic. 2 : to pay attention to : take into consideration or account. 3 : to look at.

Why do we use regard? Using regards in an email closing suggests that you have respect for the recipient, but not necessarily a close relationship with them. Because it is less formal than sincerely, expressions with regards are perfect in emails, which tend to be less formal than letters anyway.

What is the meaning of no regard? : without care or concern for The company acted without regard for the safety of its workers. Applicants are considered without regard for age, race, sex, or religion.

What does having regard for mean? uncountable noun. If you have regard for someone or something, you respect them and care about them. If you hold someone in high regard, you have a lot of respect for them. I have a very high regard for him and what he has achieved.

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What is the synonym of regard?

Some common synonyms of regard are admire, esteem, and respect. While all these words mean “to recognize the worth of a person or thing,” regard is a general term that is usually qualified. he is highly regarded in the profession.

How do you say regards in English?

‘Give My Regards’ synonyms
  1. Send [someone] my best.
  2. Send [someone] my best regards.
  3. Send [someone] my greetings.
  4. Give [someone] my best wishes.
  5. Pass on my greetings to [someone].
  6. My best to [someone].
  7. All the best to [someone].
  8. Send [someone] my compliments.

How do you use regard in a sentence?

How to use Regard in a sentence
  1. Lifting her gaze to meet his intent regard, she implored him.
  2. His regard was troubled.
  3. Still feeling the sobering effects of that cool regard, she forced a smile.
  4. I regard my pupil as a free and active being, whose own spontaneous impulses must be my surest guide.

What is an example of regard?

Regard is defined as consideration or attention for something or someone. An example of regard is having concern for an old boyfriend, even after a break up. Regard is to think of someone or something in a particular way. An example of regard is for a boss to consider one of his employees as top notch.

What does it mean to have little regard?

Careful thought or attention; heed: She gives little regard to her sister’s teasing. 2. a. Respect, affection, or esteem: He has little regard for your work. b.

What does it mean to have high regards?

Definition of have a high regard for

: to respect and admire very much The students have a high regard for their teacher.

What’s another word for high regard?

What is another word for high regard?
respect esteem
adoration approval
tribute approbation
awe consideration
deference homage

What word means high respect?

Noun. Greatest esteem. utmost admiration. greatest esteem.

Is it high regard or regards?

So…the singular regard is correct in phrases like with regard to and in regard to, meaning with reference to, while the plural regards expresses respect, affection, or condolences.

What type of word is regards?

Regards can be a verb or a noun.

How do you write in regards?

You may hear people say “in regards to,” but the proper phrase is singular: “in regard to.” But ugh! You send your (plural) regards. Here’s how to make your sentences better, with a show tune thrown in for good measure. Also, take the quiz at the end!

How do you write Kind regards?

You definitely only need to capitalise the first letter, like this: ‘Kind regards’. Speaking of which, if you’re confused about which sign-offs are okay, and which are a professional no-no, read our article on the best ways to start and finish an email.

What is another word for kind regards?

What is another word for kind regards?
sincerely regards
best wishes kindest regards
respectfully yours faithfully
best regards sincerely yours
yours sincerely yours truly

Is regards a formal closing?

Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Regards, Yours truly, and Yours sincerely. These are the simplest and most useful letter closings to use in a formal business setting. These are appropriate in almost all instances and are excellent ways to close a cover letter or an inquiry.

Is Kind regards rude?

You should never use it when you don’t legitimately have something for which to thank the recipient, or else it comes off as sarcastic and rude. That’s not how you want to be seen in an email! When in doubt, go with a formal salutation. It’s better to be seen as kind of more formal as opposed to rude.

Can I say best regards?

“Best regards” is a common, friendly closing for emails and written letters. When you see “best regards” near the end of a message, it simply means the writer wishes you well. It is a semiformal letter ending, versatile enough for both personal and professional correspondence.

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