What was the first 5-star in ASTD?

What was the first 5-star in ASTD? Anti Magician (DEMON) was the first 5-star unit in the game to evolve from a 3-star, the second being Bomba (Blazing).

How do you get ASTD akaza? Akasa is a 5-star unit based on the character Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. She can be obtained from the Hero Summon in Banner Y and Banner Z.

How do you get 6 star in ASTD? 

What is the rarest unit in ASTD? 

S+ tier (The rarest units with the highest value and demand in the game)
  • Death/Ryuk (Given to whoever Won the Video of the week awards.)
  • Legendary Borul (Alternative)/ Broly Z (Given to staff members of both the “ASTD Wiki” and the “ASTD Trello”.
  • Dark Wing/Ulquiorra (The current AIR leaderboard prize as of 11/13/2021.

What was the first 5-star in ASTD? – Additional Questions

What is the cheapest unit in ASTD?

Bellma (Money Corp)/ Bulma (Battle Of Gods Movie) (Cash unit, cheapest, gives least amount of cash out of the 3 main farming units, but can be used as alternative second farm and third farm, longest standing meta unit, is here due to no longer used to get on leaderboard)

How do boys get ASTD?

Overview. The Boys is a 6-star ground type unit based on the character Eustass Kidd, also known as Captain Kid, from the anime One Piece. He is a secret unit that can only be obtained from the Hero Summon with a 1/2000 (0.05%) chance or trading.

How many secret units are there in ASTD?

In the Roblox universe of All Star Tower Defense (ASTD), there are four secret characters. They can only be earned via “Spins” or “Hero Redeems” in the game.

How do I get Naruto GRR ASTD?

This version of Naruto GRR is based on the battle during the first part finale between Naruto and Sasuke. He can only be obtained through Royal Capsules with a 4/1000 chance or trading.

How do you get RYUK in ASTD?

In order to get him, someone must win video of the week in the Discord server. To enter, you have to make an ASTD related video, and Fruity (one of the game’s developers) will choose what he thinks is the funniest video.

How do you get banner Y ASTD?

There are 3 different Banners: X, Y and Z, with Banner X being always unlocked, Banner Y being unlocked after completing Ant Kingdom in Story Mode and Banner Z is only available on World 2.

How do you skip a 10x summon in ASTD?

To skip the summon animations in ASTD, you will just need to click fast when the summons are happening. This process is very hit and miss, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. If it does work, you will get a row of the units you received instead of having to sit through each summon individually.

What is World 2 ASTD?

World II is a new world that is unlocked by reaching level 100. At the end of the Serpent’s Way there is a portal which will teleport you into World II. (If you are level 100, you will automatically be teleported to the end of the Serpent’s Way.) World II also features a lot of new stuff!

How do skip tickets work ASTD?

How do I get a farm star pass?

how to grind star pass fast | Fandom. Tell. Go to infinite food map, click extreme, place one genos at the back, wait until you die and press replay.

What are Skip tickets used for?

Skip Tickets are used to complete Story Quests—including Hard Quests—instantly, once you have completed them the first time. You can use them to farm Equipment Materials, to get the rewards and EXP immediately, or to save you a lot of time.

How do I get DBL skip tickets?

What do skip tickets do in DBL?

How do you farm Z power?

How do you get Chrono crystals fast?

How do I farm Hoi Poi coins?

Log in every day and play various in-game content to complete your Missions. Earn Hoi-Poi Coins by completing Missions. *Check the Missions in-game for more details. Defeat lots of Bosses and get a ton of Hoi-Poi Coins!

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