What is the Warriors and Kings score?

What is the Warriors and Kings score? 

1 T
Warriors 50-29 28 109
Kings 29-50 14 90

Who beat the 73 9? The Warriors broke the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls’ record for best regular season in NBA history after defeating the Memphis Grizzles 125–104 on April 13, finishing with a record of 73–9. With the win, Golden State tied their franchise record for home wins with 39, which they set last season.

What time is the Warriors Kings game? Sacramento and Golden State will face off in a Pacific Division battle at 9 p.m. ET at Golden 1 Center. The Kings need to shore up a defense that is allowing 115.83 points per matchup.

How many wins and losses do the Warriors have? 

Team History
Year W L
2020-21 39 33
2019-20 15 50
2018-19 57 25

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What is the best record in NBA history?

The best single regular season record was recorded by the Golden State Warriors in the 2015–16 season. In that season, the Warriors recorded 73 wins and 9 losses with a winning percentage of . 890, eclipsing the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls, though the Bulls went on to win the Eastern Conference and the NBA championship.

Did Golden State win 3 championships in a row?

After winning three titles in five trips to the NBA Finals between 2014 and 2018, the Warriors’ trio of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will look to win its fourth title in the last eight seasons, joining an elite group of individuals with four or more rings.

What are the Warriors record 2022?


Who have the Warriors lost to?

But the Warriors have lost Game 1 of a playoff series only twice in Steve Kerr’s eight-year run as head coach: in that aforementioned series against the Thunder (which they won), and in the 2019 Finals against the Raptors (which they lost).

Will Warriors Make playoffs 2022?

The Golden State Warriors earned a berth in the 2022 NBA Finals following tonight’s 120-110 victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

What is Golden State Warriors record?

77 Seasons
Season Lg W/L%
2019-20 NBA .231
2018-19 NBA .695
2017-18 NBA .707
2016-17 NBA .817

How many times has Steph Curry been to the finals?

Stephen Curry has 6 appearances in the NBA Finals in his career.

Who holds the second most records in the NBA?

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387
2. LeBron James 37062
3. Karl Malone 36928
4. Kobe Bryant 33643
5. Michael Jordan 32292

How long is a basketball game?

1. NBA: National Basketball Association (NBA) games consist of four twelve-minute quarters, for a total game length of forty-eight minutes. However, the game clock stops throughout that forty-eight-minute period for various reasons, including fouls, halftime, and time-outs.

How long is NBA halftime?

Basketball matches have one half time break which lasts for 15 minutes. The necessary break allows players to catch a breather as well as a chance to regroup and rethink their game plan.

How long do NBA games last in person?

In short, an NBA game has an average duration of 2.5 hours, although in some cases, mainly due to playing overtime, they reach a duration of up to three hours.

How long is a basketball halftime?

During halftime, play is suspended. Players and coaches go into the locker rooms to strategize for the next half of the game. Halftime usually lasts 15 minutes. This allows both teams adequate time to rest and restrategize for the 2nd half.

How long can you hold a basketball without dribbling?

A player shall not hold the ball for 5 seconds or dribble the ball for five seconds while closely guarded. A player is considered to be closely guarded if they have control of the ball in the front court, and is guarded by an opponent who is within 6 feet of the player with possession.

What do NBA players do during halftime?

And lastly, during the halftime break, fans are typically provided with additional forms of entertainment and visual displays of basketball prowess, dances from a dance team, and choreographed routines from the team’s mascot.

Where do NBA players go during halftime?

With each team having a separate, isolated, and designated locker room, NBA players will take the opportunity at the halftime mark to return to their respective locker room and allow themselves an opportunity to rest, relax, discuss the nuances of the game, and prepare for resumption of the game.

Who gets the ball after halftime today?

The 2nd half begins after halftime. Whichever team has the ball at the end of the 1st quarter retains the ball at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Conversely, this possession does not carry over after halftime.

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