What is the mean by reveal?

What is the mean by reveal? 1 : to make known through divine inspiration. 2 : to make (something secret or hidden) publicly or generally known reveal a secret. 3 : to open up to view : display the uncurtained window revealed a cluttered room.

What is an example of Reveal? The definition of reveal is to show, disclose or admit something. An example of reveal is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. An example of reveal is a magician showing the audience how she pulled a rabbit of her hat. An example of reveal is someone telling you their deep dark secret.

What is the synonym of revealed? Some common synonyms of reveal are betray, disclose, divulge, and tell. While all these words mean “to make known what has been or should be concealed,” reveal may apply to supernatural or inspired revelation of truths beyond the range of ordinary human vision or reason. divine will as revealed in sacred writings.

What kind of word is reveal? As detailed above, ‘reveal’ can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: The reveal in that movie was great.

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How do you use reveal in a sentence?

Reveal sentence example
  1. She opened her hand to reveal its contents, a marble.
  2. She unwrapped the paper to reveal seven gold coins.
  3. She wasn’t going to reveal her secret unless she had to.
  4. But then, it was like him not to reveal his thoughts or concerns – unless the mood hit him.

What is the present tense of reveal?

reveal ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌
present tense
I/you/we/they reveal
he/she/it reveals
present participle revealing
past tense revealed

1 more row

What word means to show or reveal?

acknowledge, admit, affirm, announce, concede, confess, declare, divulge, explain, expose, inform, publish, report, tell, disclose, display, unveil, avow, betray, broadcast.

What is the root word of reveal?

The verb reveal comes from the Latin word revelare meaning “unveil,” like when you take off your hat to reveal your new haircut, or when you reveal information about your past that will shock or amuse your friends.

Is tell a verb or noun?

Definition of tell

(Entry 1 of 3) transitive verb. 1a : to relate in detail : narrate told the whole story to us. b : to give utterance to : say could never tell a lie. 2a : to make known : divulge, reveal don’t tell your password.

Is intense a noun verb or adjective?

intense. / (ɪnˈtɛns) / adjective. of extreme force, strength, degree, or amountintense heat. characterized by deep or forceful feelingsan intense person.

What part of speech is monopoly?

noun, plural mo·nop·o·lies.

What is the synonym of intense?

adjectivedifficult and painful, suffering. disturbing. excruciating. extreme. fierce.

What is the opposite of an intense person?

Opposite of characterized by deep or forceful feelings. cold. dispassionate. emotionless. unemotional.

What is the negative word of love?

What is the opposite of love?
hate hatred
animosity contempt
detestation disgust
dislike disliking
enmity hatefulness

Why do I feel like I have no personality?

One common problem people who feel like they have no personality face is that they give way too much emphasis on what others are thinking about them. If that’s you, then you need to stop doing that. You might not have enough confidence to get out there and express yourself.

What is an emotional person?

“Emotional” people are those who are in the grip of high emotion in the moment. There are some strategies for dealing with emotional people that may make the encounter more productive and less stressful.

Why do I cry so easily?

There are a lot of reasons, besides having an immediate emotional response, why you may cry more than normal. Tearfulness is frequently associated with depression and anxiety. People often experience the two conditions at the same time. Certain neurological conditions can also make you cry or laugh uncontrollably.

How do you love an emotional man?

If that’s you, then by all means, read on.
  1. 8 Tips For Being With A Sensitive Guy.
  2. Give Him Space When He Needs It.
  3. Work Out A Signal.
  4. Don’t Rush Him.
  5. Express Your Love & Affection.
  6. Listen From The Heart.
  7. Communicate Your Needs Clearly.
  8. Encourage His Personal Growth.

How do I become emotionally smart?

10 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
  1. Utilize an assertive style of communicating.
  2. Respond instead of reacting to conflict.
  3. Utilize active listening skills.
  4. Be motivated.
  5. Practice ways to maintain a positive attitude.
  6. Practice self-awareness.
  7. Take critique well.
  8. Empathize with others.

How can I be emotionally strong?

Here are 15 effective ways to become more mentally strong:
  1. Focus on the moment.
  2. Embrace adversity.
  3. Exercise your mind.
  4. Challenge yourself.
  5. Respond positively.
  6. Be mindful.
  7. Don’t be defeated by fear.
  8. Be aware of self-talk.

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