What is a word for well thought?

What is a word for well thought? Similar words for well thought out:

sensible (adjective) considered (noun) reasoned (noun) thoughtful (noun)

What word means reasoned and well thought out? rational. reasonable. reasoned. well-grounded. well-thought-out.

What does it mean well thought out? Definition of well-thought-out

: carefully considered and formed a well-thought-out plan.

How do you say thought out? 

What is a word for well thought? – Additional Questions

Is it well thought or well thought out?

planned in an effective way: The training schedule wasn’t very well thought out.

How do you say after much consideration?

“The man of genius can operate rationally, after careful consideration, from conviction, but all that happens only secondarily.”

What is another word for after careful consideration?

advisedly deliberately
wittingly calculatedly
carefully cautiously
discreetly on purpose
premeditatedly thoughtfully

What’s another word for being careful?

Some common synonyms of careful are meticulous, punctilious, and scrupulous. While all these words mean “showing close attention to detail,” careful implies attentiveness and cautiousness in avoiding mistakes.

What are synonyms for tentative?

In this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tentative, like: iffy, conditional, cautious, unsure, not final, decisive, rough, tentatively, definite, open to consideration and subject to change.

What is the synonym of deliberate?

Some common synonyms of deliberate are intentional, voluntary, and willing. While all these words mean “done or brought about of one’s own will,” deliberate implies full consciousness of the nature of one’s act and its consequences.

What is the meaning of sought out?

Definition of seek out

: to search for and find (someone or something) His parents sought out the best doctors in the field. White blood cells seek out and destroy infections.

Is it correct to say sought out?

“Sought out” is correct – she was seeking professional counseling. As for the phrase “this-could-have-serious-consequences lies”, that’s just a more colorful way of referring to the types of lies (untruths) that could get her in trouble.

What is a synonym of sought?

looked up, pursued, quested, searched (for or out), shopped (for)

What is a good sentence for sought?

Sought Sentence Examples

He sought you out? Her eyes sought out a familiar form and found him. Some had escaped, though not with the treasure they sought to protect.

What is the present tense of sought?

The past tense of seek is sought. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of seek is seeks. The present participle of seek is seeking. The past participle of seek is sought.

What is a antonym for sought?

adjective. ( ˈsɔt) Being searched for.

Antonyms. unwanted unloved undesirable. wanted.

What does the word sought after mean?

Definition of sought-after

: wanted by many people and hard to get or find sought-after antiques the most sought-after artists.

Is sought after an idiom?

In demand; very popular with or desired by a lot of people. To the surprise of some, the product has been greatly sought after since it was first released. Retailers have struggled to maintain stock of the sought-after toy.

What does the word bushel mean?

Word forms: bushels

A bushel is a unit of volume that is used for measuring agricultural produce such as corn or beans. A bushel is equivalent in volume to eight gallons (35.2 liters).

What does skedaddle mean in the dictionary?

Definition of skedaddle

intransitive verb. : to leave immediately : run away, scram I’ve got to skedaddle or I’ll be late.

What does bushel mean in the Bible?

In the original Greek text of the Gospel, the word used was related to seah, Hebrew for a rather smaller dry measure that held about a gallon and a half. King James’s translators chose bushel because it would be obvious to people of their day.

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