What Godsmack album is voodoo from?

What Godsmack album is voodoo from? 

All Wound Up
Voodoo / Album

All Wound Up is the demo album by American rock band Godsmack. It was released independently by EK Records on July 28, 1997.


When did Voodoo by Godsmack come out? 

Voodoo / Released

Who wrote the song Voodoo? 


Is Godsmack Wiccan? Godsmack frontman Sully Erna has never hidden his Wicca faith, and the singer will flaunt it even more in the band’s new video.

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Who do the voodoo that you do?

Today’s episode opens with Hedley Lamarr correcting the pronunciation of his name. He continues through the pledge he is making his gang take. Lamarr ends with a twist on an old Cole Porter lyric.

Who is the lead singer of Godsmack?

Sully Erna, best known as singer and main songwriter of acclaimed rock band Godsmack was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts. He has been a musician since the tender age of 3 years old, where he began his musical journey as a drummer.

Who is the girl on the cover of Godsmack album?

Her name is Toni Tiller, and these days she looks like this: We asked Toni about how she ended up on one of nu-metal’s most identifiable covers, and what she’s been up to since.

What is the name of Godsmack’s first album?

Godsmack is the debut studio album by American rock band Godsmack. The album was initially paid for by the band and released as All Wound Up, before the band was signed to Universal Records and Republic Records.

What is Godsmack’s net worth?

Godsmack has released six studio albums between 1998 and 2014, including “Awake”, “Faceless”, “The Oracle”, and “1000hp”.

Sully Erna Net Worth.

Net Worth: $16 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.6764 m)
Profession: Musician, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Film Producer, Guitarist, Drummer

How many albums has Slipknot sold?

As of 2019, Slipknot has sold 30 million units of records worldwide.

Who is the girl on the cover of saliva every six seconds?

The girl on the right turned out to be Ali Laenger, pictured above. Pumpkins’ bassist Nicole Fiorentino has claimed to be the other girl in the photograph, saying that she didn’t tell the other members because they might not let her in the band.

Who is the nurse on the cover of Blink 182s album?

“What’s my age again?” WikiMedia Commons Blink 182’s 1999 album “Enema of the State” sold 15 million copies worldwide, in no small part because of Janine Lindemulder, a porn star who dressed as a sexy nurse. She helped make the album cover iconic.

Who is the girl on the cover of Hinder Lips of an Angel?

‘Mother’s Milk’ featured a black and white photograph of model Dawn Alane, who claims she was not notified she was selected for the album’s cover. With a rose placed over her left nipple and frontman Anthony Kiedis obstructing the right, the rest of the band was positioned in her arms.

Who is on Siamese Dream Cover?

Not only did the Smashing Pumpkins announce their own return last week, but the band instigated another reunion: that of Ali Laenger and LySandra Roberts, the two young girls featured on the cover of their 1993 breakthrough album Siamese Dream.

Who are the two girls on the cover of Siamese Dream?

The girls were child models named Ali Laenger and Lysandra Roberts, based in California. The shoot for Siamese Dream was “the ultimate childhood dream day” for the pair.

Who are the little girls on the Siamese Dream album cover?

As a teaser for the tour, the band’s promotional team decided to track down Siamese Dream cover models Ali Laenger and LySandra Roberts. The two girls sported smiles and butterfly wings in the image that became an iconic snapshot of the ’90s.

Why is the song called mayonnaise?

According to Corgan, the whistling sound (feedback) heard in “Mayonaise” came from a cheap guitar he bought, which, whenever he stopped playing it, created the whistling sound. This sound was then incorporated into the song. Corgan apparently got the title for the song after he looked “in [his] refrigerator”.

What tuning is mayonnaise in?

To play “Mayonaise” like James Iha and Billy Corgan performed this on the original recording and live, you will definitely need two guitarists. The tuning that James Iha is using is very unorthodox. That tuning is, starting from the 6th string, Eb Bb Bb Gb Bb D. This makes it an EbminMaj7 open tuning.

How do you speak Mayo?

What is Mayo made of?

What Is Mayo? Mayonnaise is made by emulsifying eggs, oil, and some type of acid, usually vinegar or lemon juice. Emulsification means combining two or more liquids that normally are unmixable.

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