What are the basic beliefs of Jehovah Witnesses?

What are the basic beliefs of Jehovah Witnesses? 

  • God is a single being whose personal name is Jehovah. they also accept the name Yahweh and other transliterations.
  • Jehovah is alone, and above all other beings.
  • Jehovah created everything that exists.
  • Jehovah has a son called Jesus Christ.
  • Jehovah’s outstanding qualities are love, justice, wisdom, and power.

How is Jehovah Witness different from Christianity? Jehovah’s Witnesses identify as Christians, but their beliefs are different from other Christians in some ways. For instance, they teach that Jesus is the son of God but is not part of a Trinity.

What are Jehovah Witnesses not allowed? The denomination requires adherence to a strict moral code, which forbids premarital sex, homosexuality, gender transitioning, adultery, smoking, drunkenness and drug abuse, and blood transfusions.

Can Jehovah Witnesses drink alcohol? Jehovah’s Witnesses reject foods containing blood but have no other special dietary requirements. Some Jehovah’s Witnesses may be vegetarian and others may abstain from alcohol, but this is a personal choice. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not smoke or use other tobacco products.

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What weird things do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe?

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate most holidays or events that honour people who aren’t Jesus. That includes birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Hallowe’en. They also don’t celebrate religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter in the belief that these customs have pagan origins.

Do Jehovah Witnesses go to doctor?


Jehovah’s Witnesses accept medial and surgical treatment. They do not adhere to so-called “faith healing” and are not opposed to the practice of medicine.

Can Jehovah Witnesses get chemo?

Jehovah’s Witness oncology patients will accept virtually all medical treatments. When patients refuse transfusion of blood and blood components, physicians need to discuss the risks associated with that refusal, as well as the potential alternatives to standard blood transfusion.

Do Jehovah Witnesses believe in chemotherapy?

Life at risk

Without the blood transfusions, the doctors say, chemotherapy will not be a safe option and his life will be at risk. But CX and his mother are Jehovah’s Witnesses, a faith that forbids the acceptance of blood transfusions.

Do Jehovah Witnesses get cremated?

As Witnesses believe in spiritual rather than physical resurrection, the faith does not have any prohibitions against cremation.

What do you say to a Jehovah Witness when someone dies?

What to say to a Jehovah’s Witness when someone dies? Don’t be afraid of saying the wrong thing to a grieving Jehovah’s Witness. As long as you avoid overly pagan statements such as “they are in God’s hands” or “your loved one is in Heaven now”, then a comforting general statement will be received well.

What do Jehovah Witnesses believe after death?

Beliefs & Teachings about Death

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that when a person dies, their existence completely stops. This is because the Bible makes it clear that human beings do not have an immortal soul that survives when the body dies. Witnesses believe that Hell (as traditionally portrayed) does not exist.

What do Jehovah Witnesses do when someone dies?

The Jehovah’s Witnesses funeral service is similar to other Christian faiths but lasts only 15 or 30 minutes. The funeral usually takes place within a week after death. At the service, men wear a suit and tie, and women are expected to dress modestly, but neither needs a head covering.

What medical things do Jehovah Witnesses refuse?

Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse transfusions of whole blood, of red and white corpuscles, platelets and plasma. They also refuse both natural and recombinant haemoglobin, although positions differ among them regarding blood-derived products such as albumin, immunoglobulin and coagulation factors.

What religion does not accept medical treatment?

Today, many religious groups routinely reject some or all mainstream health care on theological grounds, including Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish and Scientologists.

What religion does not believe in doctors?

By far the largest denomination with objections to medical care is the Jehovah’s Witnesses with millions of members.

What religion denies medical treatment?

D. Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusion. Christian Scientists refuse most medical treatment. Instead they rely on the healing prayers of Christian Scientist Practitioners.

What happens if a Jehovah’s Witness receive blood?

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that a human must not sustain his life with another creature’s blood, and they recognize no distinction “between taking blood into the mouth and taking it into the blood vessels.” It is their deep-seated religious conviction that Jehovah will turn his back on anyone who receives blood

What religions dont take blood?

A small group of people belonging to a certain religion, called Jehovah’s witness do not accept blood transfusion or blood products, based on biblical readings.

What religions are against drugs?

Some Christian denominations permit smoking tobacco, while others disapprove of it. Many denominations do not have any official stance on drug use, some more-recent Christian denominations (e.g. Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses) discourage or prohibit the use of any of these substances.

Does the Brotherhood of Eternal Love still exist?

Their activities came to an end on August 5, 1972, when a drug raid was executed on the group where dozens of group members in California, Oregon and Maui were arrested.

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