Is the Sacramento Bee going out of business?

Is the Sacramento Bee going out of business? SACRAMENTO, Calif — McClatchy, the publisher of The Sacramento Bee, The Modesto Bee, Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers nationwide, is filing for bankruptcy protection. The company has struggled to pay off debt while revenue shrinks because more readers and advertisers are going online.

What happened to Sacramento Bee? At this time, The Bee was in competition with the Sacramento Union, a newspaper founded in 1851. Although The Bee soon surpassed the Union in popularity, the Union survived until its closure in 1994, leaving The Sacramento Bee to be the longest-running newspaper in the city’s history.

How much is a digital subscription to The Sacramento Bee? $12.99 per month | Renews automatically. Cancel anytime. Explore newsletters, subscriber-only content, interactive media and video.

Is the Sacramento Bee real? Founded in 1857, The Sacramento Bee is the flagship newspaper of McClatchy. As the region’s leading media company, The Sacramento Bee’s print, online, mobile, and direct mail products reach 98% of the Sacramento market.

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Who funds the Sacramento Bee?

The Sacramento Bee is funded by Meta . How much funding has The Sacramento Bee raised to date? The Sacramento Bee has raised $21K .

Where is Sacramento Bee printed?

Sacramento Bee is a 409,720 square foot office and production facility in the Midtown submarket of Sacramento, California. The Sacramento Bee newspaper is one of four daily newspapers printed at this facility.

Who started the Sacramento Bee?

Founded in 1857 by James McClatchy, a newspaperman who had worked for Horace Greeley’s aggressive New-York Tribune, the Sacramento Bee is one of the oldest and most influential newspapers in California.

What is The Sacramento Bee known for?

The Sacramento Bee Company overview

The Sacramento Bee is the flagship newspaper of the McClatchy Co . and the largest paper in the region. Its location at 2100 Q St. was once the Buffalo Brewery and its namesake “Scoopy” was designed by Walt Disney.

When was the Sacramento Bee founded?

The Sacramento Bee / First issue date

Who owns the McClatchy company?

In 2020, McClatchy transitioned to private ownership under Chatham Asset Management. Along the way, the work of journalists from our media companies has been honored with many awards, including more than 50 Pulitzer Prizes.

How many employees does McClatchy have?

In July 2020, Chatham Asset Management, a hedge fund, won the auction to buy McClatchy for US$ 312 million.


Type Private
Number of employees 2,800 full and part-time (2019)

What happened to Knight Ridder?

Knight Ridder was an American media company, specializing in newspaper and Internet publishing. Until it was bought by The McClatchy Company on June 27, 2006, it was the second-largest newspaper publisher in the United States, with 32 daily newspapers sold..

How many papers does McClatchy own?

The McClatchy Company is the second largest newspaper publisher in the United States. Founded in 1857, today the company owns 30 newspapers in 29 U.S. markets.

Who owns the Wichita Eagle?

Combined, The Wichita Eagle and reach eight out of 10 Wichita-area adults every week. The Wichita Eagle is owned by McClatchy, one of the nation’s leading media companies, headquartered in Sacramento, California.

What is McClatchy digital?

McClatchy is a media company dedicated to providing news that is essential to communities in the 29 markets in 14 states across America that it serves, in a wide array of digital and print formats.

Who owns the Idaho Statesman?

Idaho Statesman is a daily newspaper published in Boise, Idaho. The paper is owned by the Sacramento, Calif. -based McClatchy Company.

How wealthy is Idaho?

Idaho is the forty-first richest state in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $17,841 (2000).

Where is Idaho Statesman printed?

The Statesman is now printed more than 100 miles away in Twin Falls. Thirty-thousand daily copies of the Statesman are now printed at the facility of the Times-News and shipped up the road to Boise for home delivery.

How do I cancel my Idaho Statesman?

You can cancel your subscription by calling 208-377-6200 or by visiting .

How much is a subscription to the Idaho Statesman?

$12.99 per month | Renews automatically. Cancel anytime. Explore newsletters, subscriber-only content, interactive media and video.

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