Is Neon Gods by Katee Robert a series?

Is Neon Gods by Katee Robert a series? 

SERIES Dark Olympus
GENRE Dark Romance
COUPLE Hades & Persephone
PUBLISHER Sourcebooks Casablanca

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Is Neon Gods Lgbtq? And like in all (or at least the majority of) Katee Roberts books, all the characters are casually queer. There’s mention of pan/bisexual characters as well as an asexual character!

Is Neon Gods a stand alone? EmmCunningham Yes! It is part of a series but as far as I know, they can be read as stand alone works.

How many books will there be in dark Olympus series? Yep! There are currently seven books in the series contracted, and the story will be complete with 10 books.

Is Neon Gods by Katee Robert a series? – Additional Questions

Will there be a third dark Olympus book?

Wicked Beauty (Dark Olympus, 3) Paperback – June 7, 2022.

What book is After Neon Gods?

Electric Idol takes place in the same world as Neon Gods, this time following Persephone’s sister Psyche, and Aphrodite’s son Eros.

What should I read if I like Neon Gods?

Must-Read Steamy Fantasy Romances
  • King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St Clair.
  • Neon Gods by Katee Robert.
  • The Demon’s Pet by Domino Savage.
  • The Hades Trials by Eliza Raine.
  • Sin & Chocolate by K.F. Breene.
  • The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole.

Should I read Neon Gods before Electric Idol?

To answer questions about Electric Idol, please sign up. Rachel Shaffer This book is technically part of the Dark Olympus series but I think you could understand it without reading Neon Gods first. Although Neon Gods is excellent so I highly recommend it as well!

Is Neon Gods worth reading?

Edgy and smartly written, Neon Gods had an absolutely electric storyline filled with just enough authentic details from mythology to add depth to this steamy modern romance. If you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path for your summer reading list, Katee Robert’s newest will surely keep your interest.

How old is Persephone now?

Hear me out. He’s 2000 years old canonically and Persephone is 19. Barely an adult.

Do Hades and Persephone have a child?

Persephone however had consumed some pomegranate seeds while in the Underworld, and having eaten food from Hades’ realm she could not leave.

Spouse Hades
Children Melinoë, Zagreus/Dionysus (Orphic) Erinyes (Orphic)
Roman equivalent Proserpina

How long does it take to read Neon Gods?

The average reader, reading at a speed of 300 WPM, would take 5 hours and 29 minutes to read Neon Gods by Katee Robert. As an Amazon Associate, How Long to Read earns from qualifying purchases.

Is Electric Idol a standalone?

Electric Idol is the second book in Katee Robert’s Dark Olympus series, following up on the amazing Neon Gods. While this does work as a stand-alone, I feel like it did help having familiarity with the structure of this contemporary, yet still fantastical version of Olympus.

Can you read Electric Idol first?

Go ahead, start with Electric Idol. Honestly, you’ll be happy, and then you can easily read Neon Gods while waiting for the third book, Wicked Beauty, in June. We love trilogies in romance as it keeps the story and world within alive.

Is there a sequel to Electric Idol?

Wicked Beauty
Electric Idol / Followed by

She was the face that launched a thousand ships, the fierce beauty at the heart of Olympusand she was never ours to claim.*A scorchingly hot modern retelling of Helen of Troy, Achilles, and Patroclus that’s as sinful as it is sweet.*In Olympus, you either have the power to ruleor you are ruled.

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Are Persephone and Hades in Electric Idol?

The story picks up not long after Neon Gods concluded. We get a few updates on Hades and Persephone throughout Electric Idol, and we even get to see them a few times through the eyes of Eros and Psyche. It was enough to quench my thirst for the couple without taking away from the new story.

Who is Eros the god of?

Eros was the Greek god of carnal love. In Latin he is called Amor (love) or Cupid (desire). Eros was the assistant, and according to some the son, of Aprhodite, the goddess of love and fertility. He made people fall in love by shooting an arrow into their heart.

What is goddess Psyche?

Psyche was the goddess of the soul in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Born a mortal woman, her beauty rivaled that of Aphrodite (Venus) and inspired the love of Aphrodite’s son, Eros, god of desire.

When did Electric Idol come out?

February 22, 2022
Electric Idol / Originally published

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