How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my phone?

How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my phone? 

Android: Set up email
  1. Open your email application.
  2. If you haven’t set up an account, yet, skip to the next step. If you have already set up another account:
  3. Tap Others.
  4. Enter your Email address, and Password.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Tap IMAP Account.
  7. Complete, or confirm, the following fields:
  8. Tap Next.

How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my iPhone? 

Then you can send and receive business emails from your iPhone or iPad.
  1. Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings.
  2. Tap Mail > Accounts.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Select the Other account type.
  5. Tap Add Mail Account.
  6. Enter your account details, and tap Next.
  7. Under New Account, make sure IMAP is selected.

Is GoDaddy email POP3 or IMAP? Godaddy provides IMAP access to your Godaddy account, so you can connect to your emails from your desktop email program or your mobile mail app.

Does GoDaddy have an app for email? While we don’t have a GoDaddy-branded app for webmail, you are able to setup your email on the mail app that came on your iPhone or Android. You can follow the step-by-step instructions here for your Workspace Email plan.

How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my phone? – Additional Questions

Does GoDaddy work on mobile?

Available across both Android and iOS.

Can I use GoDaddy on phone?

Available across both Android & iOS. Build, manage and grow your business online, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road.

How do I access my email from GoDaddy?

Use Webmail to access your email from any browser.
  1. Go to Webmail. (We recommend bookmarking this sign-in page.)
  2. Enter your Username (email address) and Password. (Your GoDaddy username and password won’t work here.)
  3. Select Sign In to open Webmail and see your inbox.

How do I get my GoDaddy email on my computer?

From the top menu, select Tools > Account Settings. In the lower-left corner, select Account Actions. Select Add Mail Account from the pop-up menu. In the Set Up Your Existing Email Address box, enter your name, your GoDaddy email address, and your password.

How do I access my GoDaddy email on Gmail?

Then you can send and receive business email from your phone.
  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Under Set up email, tap Other.
  3. Enter your Workspace Email address and tap Next.
  4. For your account type, tap Personal (IMAP).
  5. Enter your password and tap Next.
  6. Edit the incoming server to and tap Next.

How do I log into GoDaddy email?

As a GoDaddy account owner, you can also access your Email & Office Dashboard from the My Products page.

Sign in as account owner

  1. Go to your Email & Office Dashboard.
  2. Enter your GoDaddy username (or customer #) and password.
  3. Select Sign in.

Is GoDaddy an email server?

GoDaddy has two email servers. One is Office 365, which is fully supported by GoDaddy. The other is legacy IMAP, which GoDaddy is no longer investing in.

What is webmail GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Email (also called GoDaddy Webmail) is a way for GoDaddy customers to set up a professional email account. With the GoDaddy Email Essentials plan, for example, you can create an email account based on your domain name, access calendar apps, and sync your contacts across mobile devices.

How do I connect my GoDaddy email to Outlook?

Open Outlook. Select File > Add Account. If you haven’t opened Outlook before, you’ll see a welcome screen. Enter your Workspace Email address and select Connect.

Add my Workspace Email to Outlook (Windows)

  1. Create email.
  2. Recovery email.
  3. Access Webmail.
  4. Add to desktop/mobile.
  5. Compose email.
  6. What’s next?

Why is my GoDaddy email not working in Outlook?

Check if your POP/IMAP settings are correct

Sign in to Outlook on the web. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won’t work here). Settings > View all Outlook settings. Select Mail > Sync email.

How do I add my GoDaddy email to my iPhone Outlook?

Then you can send and receive business emails from your iPhone or iPad.
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Tap Menu >
  3. Tap Add Mail Account > Add Email Account.
  4. Enter your Workspace Email address and tap Add Account.
  5. Enter your:
  6. Tap Sign In, Outlook for iPhone auto-discovers your email account settings and loads your email.

What is POP3 or IMAP?

IMAP is one of the most common protocols for receiving email. IMAP syncs messages across all devices. POP3 is another protocol for receiving email on a single device. Using POP3 means that your email will be accessible offline and deleted from the server.

Can I have both POP and IMAP enabled?

Before you begin

Turn on POP, IMAP, or both—You can turn on POP and IMAP or turn them on independently of each other. Restrict which IMAP clients people can use—You can choose to allow all IMAP clients or specify only allowed clients. Specified mail clients must support OAuth.

How do I know my IMAP server?

Outlook for PC

In Outlook, click File. Then click Account Settings > Account Settings. In the Email tab, double-click the account that is the old email. Below Server Information, you can find your incoming mail server (IMAP) and outgoing mail server (SMTP) names.

Will I lose emails if I change from POP to IMAP?

Switching from a POP3 connection to an IMAP account could delete your existing emails. To avoid losing anything important, you should create a backup of your mailboxes.

Do people still use POP?

However, there’s still a place for POP, particularly if you only use a single device for email management. Plus, many modern POP clients let you choose to store emails permanently on the server, so you’ll still have a backup in place.

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