How can I trust you in Hindi?

How can I trust you in Hindi? मैं तुम पर भरोसा कैसे करूँ?

Shall I say one thing Tamil meaning? நான் ஏதாவது அர்த்தம் சொல்ல விரும்புகிறேன்

Shall I will call you meaning in Tamil? நான் உங்களை ஐயா என்று அழைக்கவா

Do as per your wish meaning in Tamil? அது உங்கள் விருப்பம் Last Update: 2018-02-23. Usage Frequency: 1.

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Will wishes meaning in Tamil?

Meanings of well-wishing in Tamil

Transliterate. நன்கு விரும்பும்

Is as your wish correct?

As you wish is correct.

What is the meaning of as your wish?

idiom formal. used to agree to a request, especially when you do not approve: “I think we should leave now.” “Very well. As you wish.”

What’s your wish meaning in Tamil?

English to Tamil Meaning :: your wishes. Your wishes : உங்கள் விருப்பத்திற்கு

Has you wish meaning in Tamil?

English to Tamil Meaning :: as you wish

As you wish : உன் இஷ்டம் போல்

What is the Tamil meaning of convey my wishes?

உங்கள் பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்களை உங்கள் அம்மாவுக்கு தெரிவிக்கவும்

How do you say convey your wishes?

Send [someone] my best. Send [someone] my best regards.


  1. Tell [someone] I’m pleased for them.
  2. Tell [someone] I’m really happy for them.
  3. Tell [someone] I was really pleased to hear about…
  4. Congratulate [someone] for me!
  5. Give [someone] my congratulations!
  6. Give [someone] a pat on the back from me!

How can I convey my birthday wishes?

20 Best Birthday Messages to Convey ‘Happy Birthday’ Wishes!!
  1. Our childhood memories are a treasure to me. I cherish each and every moment with you.
  2. Someone whom you can be yourself with, Someone who you can have pointless conversations with,
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!
  4. Dear Buddy,
  5. Nothing but lovely moments.

What is the meaning of Conway?

Meaning:Holy river; hound of the plain. Conway is a boy’s name of Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic origins, meaning “holy river” and “hound of the plain.” Stirring up imagery of sacred and healing waters, Conway is an attractive choice for parents who wish to pay tribute to their habitat.

Is Conway a name?

Conway is a Welsh, Irish & Scottish surname. It can be an anglicized spelling of Conwy, of the Irish names Conbhuidhe or Ó Connmhacháin, or of the Scottish names Mac Conmheadha or Mac Connmhaigh.

How popular is the name Conway?

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How do you pronounce Conway?

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