giving ourselves over to god

Confirmation is another of the sacraments of Christian initiation. Receiving this sacrament is necessary as fulfillment of the grace of Baptism.
• The name of the sacrament comes from the Latin word confirmatio which means confirmation. The etymology of the Polish word comes from the Old Polish word bierzmo, which means the beam supporting the ceiling of the house. The sacrament of Confirmation is therefore a sacrament that strengthens and sustains life in faith.
The most important sign in the rite of Confirmation is the anointing with chrism, which is the seal of the Holy Spirit. A Christian receiving this sacrament decides to belong entirely to Christ and dedicate himself to His service. This mark of the Spirit is also a sign of God’s protection promise.
• The effect of the sacrament is a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation brings an increase and a deepening of baptismal grace. It unites more closely with Christ, multiplies the gifts of the Holy Spirit, strengthens the bond with the Church and gives special strength to spread and defend the faith in word and deed. The mark of this sacrament, like that of baptism, is indelible.
Preparation for Confirmation should be aimed at leading a Christian to a deeper union with Christ, to a greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit, his actions, gifts and inspirations, so that he can better assume the apostolic responsibility of the Christian life.


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(Oz 8:7)

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